(please type your report in the format shown, including headings in bold caps) Name
Partners names
Due date


Concise wording that describes the essence of the lab.


What is the purpose of the lab? What problem are you trying to solve?


List all materials used like a recipe (one item per line)


What steps need to be followed to conduct the lab? Are your directions clear and precise? Is the lab easily repeatable with only your directions? Include sketches or diagrams if helplful.


Clearly and logically organize all raw data collected throughout the lab. All numeric values must have their units stated, though in a table it is acceptable to indicate the units in the table headings.


What calculations are necessary to arrive at the quantities desired? Show these calculations in a step-by-step form with the formula shown first. Don’t forget units! Percent error calculations go here.


If appropriate, develop a graph to illustrate relationships between variables. Graphs should have a title and the axes should be labeled (with units).

Answer any applicable or assigned questions.


Write a paragraph addressing the following questions (if they have not been answered the analysis).
  • What are the major findings of the lab? Repeat the purpose of the lab and comment on it at this point.
  • How do your results compare with what theory/calculations predict should happen.
  • What are possible sources of error? Comment on each source, where it likely came from, how it affected the data, and how one might minimize or eliminate the error. Remember, “human error” is not an acceptable error source. An acceptable statement would be something like, “The vehicle was moving too quickly to measure distance to the nearest millimeter.”


All labs must be typed and single spaced. You may hand write in your calculations. Graphs may be done by hand or done on excel.