Advanced Google Search

The internet is a vast pool of ever expanding information. If looking at a set of encyclopedias is overwhelming to a student, imagine what peering into the bottomless ocean of information on the internet must do to them. Students are frequently asked to research using the internet. We, as teachers become frustrated at the poor resources upon which students base their research. To change this, we must teach search skills. This requires that we, as teachers also be knowledgeable about searching the internet.

Over the past few years Google has added lots of additional search tools that help refine the information on the internet to a manageable pool of information. This page will highlight some of these tools for you.

1. Basic Search Commands

  • Refine your searches by using a few simple commands.

2. Google Wonder Wheel (related searches)
  • Not exactly sure what you are looking for, the wonder wheel will suggest related search terms to help you find what you need.

3. Google News Timeline
  • Looking for a news article from a specific time period, use the timeline.

4. Google Image Search (currently blocked on student accounts)
  • Only want red apples, blue birds, high resolution photos? Use the advanced image search feature.
  • Google Image Labeler (great for building vocabulary!)

5. Google Squared (information presented in tables)
  • Have information delivered in rows and columns for easy reference. Great when comparing related items.

6. Custom Search Engine Creation (requires Google login)
  • A great tool when you want to limit the websites that your students are searching.

7. Google Alerts (requires Google login)
  • Keep up-to-date on topics that are important to your, like you name! Whenever your specified search term shows up on the web you will receive an e-mail notification.

8. Wolfram|Alpha
  • This is a non-google product that presents data in graphical form. Very useful but somewhat technical.