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Very rarely do you get the opportunity to decide what you are going to learn about in school. Even more rarely do you get to decide how you will learn about a topic or how you will demonstrate what you have learned. Usually, students listen to teachers talk about a topic, do some homework about a topic, then take a test on the same topic or sometimes complete a project based on a topic. Most always these activities are done under very specific guidelines set by the teacher. Teachers set these specific guidelines to help you understand their expectations and help you meet certain goals. Yet, once you leave school, you are responsible for making these guidelines on your own.

Instead of giving you a set goal or specific guidelines for this next project, I would like to simply encourage you to learn about something that interests you. How you learn about this topic will be up to you. How you demonstrate your learning will be up to you. I am trying to put this project in your control as much as possible. My suggestion is to identify a topic that you find very interesting or a topic that you think will be useful to you in your future plans. Some of you will struggle with what to do in this project since I am not giving you exact expectations. Let me give you some general guidelines and suggestions

Title of Project
Student Name
The Physiology of Dreams
Adam Peterson (12)
The Physiology of Fear
Tabitha Watkins (12)
Joshua Macks (10)
The Emotions of Eating
Nicole Hollins (11)
The Importance of Senses
Corinne Wiggins (10)
Becoming an OB
Kristina Wheeler (12)