National Geographic
Feb 4, 2010

Gene doping has become a new form of steroids that have not become fully illegal yet. The practice of gene doping has endangered the competition of the Vancouver Olympics, because it enhances performance in the fields of strength, speed, and endurance which are major factors in the Olympic Games. This process can affect people positively and negatively based on your perspective. When I say this I mean that it can affect you positively if you are the person that is getting “gene doped,” because you reap the benefits which would be increased speed, endurance, and strength. On the other hand, if you are the competition of the person that had their genes altered you are put at a great disadvantage because you are performing at a level that normal humans can but the other person who was genetically altered performs at level higher than that.
This topic poses a lot of threats to competitions in the future because it eliminates competition in the contest. If the competition is gone it diminishes the point of having these physical contests in the first place for example if genes are used to make someone faster than that of an Olympic gold medalist that will cheat both the people involved in the competition but also the person that is using the genes. It cheats them out of the hard work that you would normally go through to reach that goal and then you will never experience the full reward of a hard earned win.

Chris Bankston
March 15, 2010